Victor Zahra - His Witness

This is the translation of Victor Zahra witness Customs Valuation Officer. It is as true to the court-recorded transcript as possible. His witness confirms that the charges of customs evasion brought against the defendant were very PETTY AND VINDICTIVE.

Magistrates Court

Today 2nd December 1999
Police Inspector Raymond Cremona


Joseph Ellul Grech

Victor Zahra son of Edgar. Born at Qormi and resident at Santa Lucija.
In Maltese and in the presence of the defendant.

 V. Zahra:     I am stationed at the Valuation Office and I estimated some items.

Magistrate:    The court is showing a letter with a note seizure. Therein are estimated values, did you do these?

V. Zahra:     I made those valuations on the 16th November. We agreed on the amounts and everything is correct. I confirm these valuations.

Magistrate:    You were not appointed by the magistrate?

V. Zahra:        No, by Customs.

Defence:        These are all the objects?

V. Zahra:        I can only confirm what I saw, air pistol, .177 pellets that are for use with the same air pistol, daggers, two catapults, cross bow and bolts for it.

Magistrate:     Who consigned these documents to you?

V. Zahra:           As far as I know the police seized these.

Defence:            How much do you estimate the crossbow?

V. Zahra:            One item is listed at Lm12 (€28).

Defence:            Is it a toy or a real one?

V. Zahra:            It is not a toy, no. I also confirm that the duty is paid CIF. Some of the items still had the price on them. I confirm that the customs duty on them is Lm13 (€30).

(This confirms how petty the police behaviour was. They were determined to get the defendant on every little thing they could nit-pick on. At the time Customs and Excise Department was part of John Dalli’s portfolio).

Cross examination reserved.

This is the substance of witness Victor Zahra as dictated by him.

I declare that I transcribed faithfully, honestly and according to the transcript witness tape.

Ivan Ghio.

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Victor Zahra - His Witness P1

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