Nazzareno Grixti PS423 - His Witness

This is the translation of Nazzareno Grixti second witness. It is as true to the court recorded transcript. His witness also confirms the delaying tactics purposely used to drag the proceedings. It is also noticeable that some of the transcript is missing possibly because the cassette tape developed a fault.  

Today the 2ndnd December 1999


Joseph Ellul Grech

PS423 Nazzareno Grixti son of Alfred born in Mtarfa and stationed at FSL . In Maltese and in the presence of the defendant.

I was appointed as photographic expert to take photos in respect of this case.

Magistrate:   Have you completed your duty?

N. Grixti:      I have not because they have not finished with the documents and they have not passed them on to me personally because they are still in the hands of the other experts and I do not know what these items are. All I did so far is to take pictures of the items that were exhibited.

(Another time-wasting exercise)

Disposition suspended.

This is the substance of witness PS423 Nazzareno Grixti as dictated by him.

I declare that I transcribed faithfully, honestly and according to the transcript tape.

Ivan Ghio.

Magistrates Court
Magistrate Dr. Noel Cuschieri LL.D

Today 14th March 2000
Police Inspector Raymond Cremona
Joseph Ellul Grech

PS423 Nazzarena Grixti son of Alfred
Born in Mtarfa and stationed at FSL
In Maltese and under oath in the presence of the defendant

Magistrate: You were nominated as what?

N. Grixti: As photographer.

Magistrate: Twice?

N. Grixti: Twice. In fact in the last sitting we had on the 30th November 1999 I was nominated in the same court room to take photographs of some items that were exhibited. In fact these photos that I am presenting were taken in the same court room on the 2nd December 1999 where I am giving my reaction, also a file of twelve photos in colour as per instructions. Regarding the other duty in fact the work is still in process due to the other experts having not finished their work.

Magistrate:  Explain what the other duty you are talking about was.

N. Grixti:     The first or the second?

N. Grixti:     I was nominated in this same courtroom on the date I already mentioned. In fact I took photos of the items that were seized by the police.

N. Grixti: Exactly.

Magistrate: Regarding the other duty that is not yet completed.

N. Grixti:    In fact I am waiting for the other experts so that I can take photos of everything. I cannot do everything before they finished.

Magistrate: Which experts?

N. Grixti: If I am not mistaken Chris Farrugia, Ivan Formosa and Andrew Caruana.

Magistrate:   Meaning you…

N. Grixti: The work has started.

Magistrate: The work started, you haven’t finished you assignment?

N. Grixti:  In fact I have taken some photos. Obviously I cannot finalise before they finalise.

Magistrate:   Before they pass the documents to you.

N. Grixti: Exactly.

Magistrate: This witness is exhibiting a report he prepared in the execution of his assignment. This report is being marked by the court as doc Y. In this report there is a file with eleven photos that is being marked by the court as….  The witness is saying that he performed his duty faithfully and honestly and to the best of his ability.

Cross examination

Defence: ………….

N. Grixti: Yes.

Defence: ………….

N. Grixti: The process from our side has started. But from my side before they are ready ….

Magistrate: From your side that is photography.

N. Grixti: I started. But before they finish I cannot.

Magistrate: They who are they? The fingerprint expert?

N. Grixti: The experts, exactly, fingerprints, Ivan Formosa and Chris Farrugia.

Defence: ………….

N. Grixti: I do not get into that. It is more photography.

Defence: They were a number, but ….. I cannot give you a number, I cannot give you an amount.

Magistrate: ……….

R. Grixti: No there was a number of envelopes.

Defence: But do you know how many more?

R. Grixti: There is. (Maltese expression meaning many).

This is the witness of PS43 that was given by him.
I declare that the transcript is made with good intention and faithfully and according to the information and best of my ability and the registered tape.


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