Christopher Farrugia - His Witness

This new evidence is being published now because it was not available until 27th March 2001. The official court stamp on the transcripts of Expert Witnesses Ivan Formosa and Christopher Farrugia can confirm this.

This is the translation of prosecution witness Christopher Farrugia Forensic Expert. It is as true to the court-recorded transcript as possible. He gave his final witness and submitted his report to the court on the 2nd February 2002. In  his witness of the 2nd December 1999 he gives a close estimation of the amount of letters in the police possession. His estimate is very close to the amount given by Ivan Formosa in his witness.

           Magistrates Court

           Magistrate Dr. N. Cuschieri LL.D
           Today 2nd December 1999
           Christopher Farrugia son of Salvinu
            Born at Attard and stationed at FSL
            In Maltese under oath and in the presence of the defendant states.

            I was appointed by the duty Magistrate to conduct examinations on stamps or envelopes that               were passed on to me by Assistant Police Commissioner Michael Cassar to carry out analysis             for the presence of saliva on the envelopes or stamps.

            I carried the tests on two of them. Since then I received many, many more of these and so far I             had negative results for the presence of saliva.

            Magistrate:      Meaning so far you have not fulfilled you duty?

           C. Farruguia:    No.

           Magistrate:       Do you have many left?

           C. Farrugia:      Many.

          Magistrate:       For example how many? 

         C. Farrugia:     A sack and a half and as an estimate in each sack there is about eight hundred
                                   envelopes in each sack. Apart from that I still have some to be delivered from   inspector Cassar’s office, meaning all in all I calculate that there is about 1, 000.

          Magistrate:      Excluding yourself is there anyone else that can give you a hand?

          C. Farrugia:     Yes there is Robert Cardona who can give me a hand.


          Defence:   Have you made any examinations to classify the handwriting?

         C. Farrugia:   No that work has not been done yet.

         Defence:   Who does that work?

         C. Farrugia:   Forensic expert Ivan Formosa.

        Defence:   From the presence of saliva what would you be able to do?

        C. Farrugia:   That will be at the magistrate’s discretion and if you wish we could continue up to DNA. If there is presence of saliva we present our report and then its up to the court.

        Defence:   When you say in the negative could it be that they were sealed using water?

        C. Farrugia:   Yes.

        Deposition suspended.

        This is the substance of witness Christopher Farrugia as dictated by him.

         I declare that I transcribed faithfully, honestly and according to the transcript witness tape. 
         Ivan Ghio.

C. Farrugia - His Witness P3
C. Farrugia - Hios Witness P1
C. Farrugia - His Wi8tness P2
Below is a translation of the final witness of Forensic Expert Christopher Farrrugia. It is as true to the court recorded transcript as possible. This expert concluded his analysis and presented his report to the court on the 2nd February 2002. He stated in his final witness that the exhibits were kept by PC956 Andrew Caruana. Another waste of public funds and time.

In The Magistrates Court (Malta)
Magistrate: Dr. Noel Cuschieri LL.D
Police: Assistant Commissioner Michael Cassar
In The Investigation Act Regarding The Alleged Anonymous Letters Sent.

The Police vs. Joseph Ellul Grech

Reaction of Forensic Expert,
Christopher Farrugia Dip MLT, PgD Forensic Science (Strath.),
Robert Cardona Asst. Principal Medical Laboratory
State with respect,

1. Nomina

By instructions received by the court, the exponent was nominated to perform relevant analysis and observations and report back to this Honourable Court.


While the exhibits were in the possession of the expert, appointed by the Court of Digital Fingerprints, Andrew Caruana, conducted analysis for saliva amylase.

Salivary amylase is a component found in saliva.

3. Analysis / Count

The test is conducted by punching pieces of the stamps that are stuck on and on top of it a separate paper that has been treated with Phaedebas Reagent on it. When the colour turns blue it indicates the presence of salivary amylase.


From the conducted analysis on all the stamps presented negative results for the presence of salivary amylase.


From the analysis performed on the exhibits while in the possession of Andrew Caruana. The results of the analysis for the presence of salivary amylase are negative.

Christopher Farrugia                                                                           Robert Cardona

Christopher Farrugia - His Witness P4
Christopher Farrugia - His Witness P5

Christopher Farrugia - His Witness P5

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