Arthur Mercica (Fraud Squad) - His Witness

This is the translation of Police Officer Arthur Mercieca Fraud Squad. It is as true to the court-recorded transcript as possible.

Magistrates Court

Magistrate Dr. Noel Cuschieri LL.D

Today the 2ndnd December 1999
 Police Inspector Raymond Cremona


Joseph Ellul Grech

Arthur Mercieca son of Joseph born in Pieta and stationed at Fraud Squad in Maltese and under oath in the presence of the defendant.

The court is showing me a statement RC1 taken from Joseph Ellul Grech.

Magistrate: Do you recognise Joseph Ellul Grech?

A. Mercieca: Yes, I recognise him as the defendant.

Magistrate: Where you present during the statement?

A. Mercieca: Yes I was present during the time that it was taken after the usual caution. On it I can recognise the inspector’s signature and mine.

(The defendant refused to sign the statement because Inspector Cremona concocted it leaving out the allegations that the defendant made about John Dalli’s involvement in the Daewoo Scandal).

Cross-examination reserved.

This is the substance of witness Arthur Mercieca ad dictated by him.

I declare that I transcribed faithfully, honestly and according to the transcript witness tape.

Ivan Ghio.

Arthur Mercieca - His Witness

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