Andrew Caruana PC956 - His Unreliable Witness

Below is a translation of the witness PC956 Andrew Caruana. It is as true to the court-recorded transcript as possible. Further down are copies of the original transcripts in Maltese. Published here are his first and final court appearances. This police officer and his superiors collectively breached the defendant's HUMAN AND CIVIL RIGHTS. 

The court appointed PC956 Andrew Caruana as a fingerprint expert prior to the 2nd December 1999. The media had reported that 20, 000 anonymous letters were in the possession of the police. John Dalli had said “Many, many, thousands.” The defendant did not know how many because he was not involved in such a pathetic but serious crime. The defendant always protested his innocence.

From the day he was appointed (prior to 2nd December 1999) to his last appearance in court on the 20th
Andrew Caruana PC956 allegedly colluded with
Disgraced Former EU Commissioner John Dalli
to frame Joseph Ellul-Grech
May 2003 PC956 was summoned to court nineteen (19) times. Every time he appeared he made an excuse of some sort. These included complaints about the volume of letters, lack of staff to help him, short of powder, could only process a certain amount of letters because of the poisonous fumes etc., etc. See his first witness.

From the day he had started his investigations to the day he concluded there is approximately 870 working days. If there really were 20, 000 letters to process he only examined 23 letters a day.

During the four-year investigation he produced a three-page report for the court. In it he does not state the amount of letters he examined. Fingerprints and imprints on sixteen (16) letters out of twenty thousand (20,000). He does not confirm that these matched the defendant’s fingerprints or anyone else. Why didn’t the police try to find a match for these prints?

Finding such a minimum amount of evidence in such a large volume of paper work raises many questions. The fingerprints found did not belong to the defendant. Each letter had three (3) A4 size sheets totaling sixty thousand (60, 000) sheets and 20,000 envelopes with hand written addresses and manually applied stamps. This confirms that there were a number of people involved. They must have been very well organized not to leave very little evidence. Yet, Joseph Ellul-Grech was the only person that was investigated.

PC956 does not give amounts of letters in the cardboard boxes he received from the other departments. Neither does he give detailed information to justify the time it took him to conclude his investigation.The report is dated the 31 October 2001.

It is evident that PC956 Andrew Caruana purposely withheld his report as he did not submit it to
Andrew Caruana PC956  allegedly collouded
with Disgraced Former
EU Commissioner John Dalli
to frame Joseph Ellul Grech
the court until 5th September 2003, twenty one  months after it was written. The defendant had started legal proceedings against the Attorney General and the Police Commissioner because it was suspected that the investigation was being purposely delayed. This raises serious questions and confirms that PC956 Andrew Caruana colluded with others to delay the proceedings. That implicates him seriously in the frame up. The dates on the court transcripts are very damming.

Magistrates Court
Magistrate Noel Cuschieri LL.D
Today 2nd December 1999

Police Inspector Raymond Cremona
Joseph Ellul Grech

PC956 Andrew Caruana son of Joseph
Born in Pieta and stationed at FSL
In Maltese and under oath
In the presence of the defendant states.
  Magistrate: Did you perform your duty?

  A. Caruana: No. 

  Magistrate: Why?

  A. Caruana: Because I work in sequence. First the photography has to be done then the handwriting       
  and when that work is done it will be my turn.

  Magistrate: Meaning that the documents you have to examine have not been passed on to you?
  A. Caruana: No.

  Disposition suspended.

  This is the substance of witness PC956 Andrew Caruana as dictated by him.

  I declare that I transcribed faithfully, honestly and according to the transcript witness tape.

  Ivan Ghio

Below is a translation of the final witness PC956 Andrew Caruana gave. It is as true to the court-recorded transcript as possible.

The report is dated the 31 October 2001. However, he did not submit it to the court until May 2003, nineteen months after it was written. This raises serious questions and confirms that PC956 Andrew Caruana purposely delayed the court proceedings. That implicates him seriously in the frame up. The dates on the court transcripts are very damming.


In The Magistrate’s Court of Malta

Clinical examinations on different anonymous letters addressed to different persons.

Magistrate Dr. N. Cuschieri LLD
Inspector Raymond Cremona

Reaction of PC956 Andrew Caruana

That on the 29th January 2000 the exponent was appointed as fingerprint expert to conduct examinations on several anonymous letters addressed to different persons.

That these letters were consigned to the exponent from Mr. Ivan Formosa.

That before these letters were examined for any fingerprint tracks, they were taken from the postage stamp section, these examinations were made on the stamps on the envelope by Mr. Chris Farrugia.

That after this examination the letters including part of the envelopes were examined by chemical means using NINHYDRIN for fingerprint marks.That after the examinations on these letters fingerprint marks were found.

EX274.01 Fingerprint mark found on a letter.

EX252.02 Fingerprint found on a letter.

EX252.03 Fingerprint found on a letter.

EX230.04 Two imprints found on a letter.

EX233.05 Fingerprint found on a letter.

EX234.06 Imprint found on letter.

EX234.07 Imprint found on letter.

EX234.08 Imprint found on letter.

EX234.09 Imprint found on letter.

EX234.10 Fingerprint found on letter.

EX236.11 Imprint found on letter.

EX244.12 Fingerprint found on letter.

EX244.13 Imprint found on letter.

EX245.14 Fingerprint found on letter.

EX245.15 Two fingerprints found on letter.

That the examinations were also conducted on letters that were in a cardboard box that was documented as doc Bu was found some marks.

NH01 Imprint found on one of the pages.

NH02 Another two imprints were found on a page of another letter.

NH03 Imprint found on one of the letter pages.

That also were examined part of the envelopes which examinations found marks that were not good enough for the purpose of comparison. That together with this reaction it is being presented photographs of these imprints.

31 October 2001     Signed PC956 Andrew Caruana.

Fingerprint Unit.

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